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Secretary of State
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Denise Merrill
"Connecticut citizens, researchers, professors, and media deserve access to the best historical data that our state can provide. will provide that data. A strong and healthy civic community can only exist where voters have free access to all the information that they need to make informed decisions, and I am proud to ensure that they will have that access to our shared historical election results."
Denise Merrill
Secretary of the State of Connecticut
Jessica Pisano Jones
"ElectionStats is a truly invaluable resource for those interested in politics at all levels, and provides an easy-to-use, clean interface for accessing election data."
Jessica Pisano Jones
Reference Attorney, Social Law Library
Dr. Wayne Lesperance
"ElectionStats brings a wealth of knowledge to the fingertips of every citizen interested in any and all electoral results. It is a windfall for any journalist, scholar, or citizen interested in surveying election outcomes, and will save them hundreds of hours sifting through PDFs and paper."
Dr. Wayne Lesperance
Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, New England College
Clay Helms
"ElectionStats is a dynamic resource to organize and systemize election results in a manner that makes the data visible and useful to all.  They accept historic election files and archived data, as well as data from many formats to make it uniform and accessible.  We are very impressed with the platform."
Clay Helms
Director of Elections, Alabama Secretary of State
Cheryl Clyburn Crawford
"We are very encouraged to see the Secretary take an aggressive step in bringing voters in line with other forward-thinking states."
Cheryl Clyburn Crawford
Executive Director, MassVOTE
Will Brownsberger
"ElectionStats is a very handy tool for anyone interested in studying election results.  It makes publicly available data infinitely more available."
Will Brownsberger
State Senator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Dr. Maurice Cunningham
"The official state reports are vital to social scientists, to political practitioners, and to citizens. The online ElectionStats database replaces a bookshelf full of hard copies of this report and is so remarkably searchable as to transform research."
Dr. Maurice Cunningham
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts
Steve Koczela
"ElectionStats brings enormous value to the state, researchers, and the political establishment. I can now compare how each town voted in every election going back decades and see how state political maps evolved."
Steve Koczela
President, MassINC Polling Group
Foster C. Cronyn
"Since implementing ElectionStats, our office has received praise from professionals, students, and social scientists about how easy it is to navigate."
Foster C. Cronyn
Deputy Secretary, State of Idaho
William Senning
"In the past, Elections Division staff had to search through dozens of files and hundreds of documents each time a request for past election data was received. Now, most of the requests received by staff can be satisfied by simply directing the requestor to the archive. With source documents available directly from the site, users are able to access the primary source information to validate the results on the site."
William Senning
Director of Elections, Vermont Secretary of State

By the numbers

Our customers use ElectionStats to publish election results from:


& Ballot Measures

for Office

Years, going back
to 1787

Launch your site in days,
not months

Give voters a simple search of all past election results, candidates, ballot measures, and voting statistics.

Start with the recent past and go as far back in history as you like. Even for the most complex imports, we can offer guaranteed accuracy with our tech-enabled proofreading team.

Level 1
Import recently
certified results
We import directly from your current reporting platform
Level 2
Import historic files, feeds
and legacy web pages
HTML pages, Excel, CSV, ASCII, RSS,
XML, archived abstracts and more
Level 3
Scan paper archives
and existing PDFs
Reach the gold standard of access by scanning bound volumes, folios, and more. We use optical character recognition with AI-enhanced proofreading to preserve every detail of election results.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing website

Good design and branding build trust.
We can adapt the design of your election search to match your existing government website. Constituents will find what they need, without ever feeling like they left your official website.

Update with a click

New certified election results? Add to your ElectionStats site in minutes in a powerful admin area. Just upload, import, check, and publish.

Trainers are available to get you started and easy-to-use software will give you control of your election data.

Sit back, as public records requests disappear

We made the public website easy to use for people of all ages and digital abilities.

Users find what they are looking for in a few clicks, and the platform provides data visualizations to enhance their experience.

  • Everyday citizens get 24/7 searchable access to your official election results.
  • Candidates and civic groups have the information they need to make decisions, without having to pay third parties.
  • Journalists and researchers can download data and inform the public with more depth and better insights.

Built for Security &

We’ve been helping governments upgrade and protect their civic data since 2012.

  • Architected to be completely separate from critical systems
  • Scalable cloud-hosted environment with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Regular security upgrades and penetration testing
  • U.S.-based infrastructure
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